Contractors all over Australia have been delighted by the outcome of using our products.


Doug Reardon, EnviroStay Pty Ltd

Damien, Hydromulch Solutions

Nathan Magnus, Hydro Spray Grass Pty Ltd

I get at least 30% more coverage [with EnviroStraw products] than I do with any other products. Peter and the team help me in any way that they can.

Damien, Hydromulch Solutions

Hydro Spray Grass Aust has been in the hydromulch industry for 16years and using EnviroStraw since it became available. It is far superior to Cane mulch for 2 big reasons. It is full of natural nutrients and so a better result of grass growing and being straw it does not jam in the nozzle of the spray, which happens all the time with Cane. I highly recommend EnviroStraw as the best mulch product available to use for hydromulch.

Rebecca Magnus

Envirostraw is a fantastic Australian owned company manufacturing Erosion control and re-vegetation products to suit the Australian market, Supagreen has been using all products available from Envirostraw on various Government, Civil and private contracting jobs throughout Queensland, Peter Carmichael has extensive product knowledge and understanding of site challenges which make Envirostraw’s products perform and achieve long lasting and sustainable erosion control and re-vegetation solutions for years to come.

Nicholas Boike, Director, Supagreen Environmental

Always efficient with good quality products. 100% recommend utilising Envirostraw!

ENV Solutions