Carbon Plus

Another world first are you ready to restore the ecological balance in your soil? And build carbon fast, Carbon Plus is the one for you.

Carbon Plus uniquely combines volcanic rock dust (minerals), humic compounds (organics), carbon and microbiological elements. Research indicates that combining these components kick-starts the process of pedogensis (topsoil creation), and the replenishment of minerals and introduction of beneficial soil bacteria producing healthy vegetation (biomass) and improved vegetative cover. 

Healthy biomass further improves soil structure by reducing erosion and providing the necessary organics for the succeeding generation of plant life. With disturbed soils, ecological balance cannot be restored without carbon linking – Carbon Plus creates that linkage and is the ideal alternative solution to the overuse of low-grade composts. Application rates start as low as 200 kgs per hectare rate. Supplied in 25 kgs bags or bulk minimum qty required.

carbon plus bag 25kg
  • Carbon Plus is suitable for all soil types, specifically nutrient deficient soils low in organic carbon.
  • It can be applied via hydromulching equipment.
  • Increases the efficiency of both organic and inorganic fertilisers.
  • Contains soil building bacteria and fungi.
  • Contains humates, high in humic and fluvic acids which stimulate plant growth and healthy roots.