EnviroBond Grow

Need an instantaneous soil stabilisation polymer that stops erosion in its tracks and grows grass? You need EnviroBond Grow – a highly concentrated liquid polymer with added macro and micro-nutrients that are optimised for seed germination and plant establishment.

EnviroBond Grow has a C-factor as low as 0.001 – meaning you can be assured your erosion challenges are addressed. With the inclusion of our advanced, environmentally friendly liquid fertiliser, EnviroBond Grow is optimised to establish long-term vegetation and offers a highly cost-effective option for introductory level hydroseeding applications and programs, which can be tailored to requirements based upon budgetary constraints, seasonal conditions and desired outcomes.

slope with envirobond
Application Considerations
application guidelines
  • With a C-factor as low as 0.001 you can be assured that your erosion challenges are addressed.*
  • Includes our advanced Environmentally friendly liquid fertiliser.
  • Optimised to establish vegetation providing long-term outcomes.
  • Highly cost effective for introductory level hydroseeding applications and programs.

*Note: C-Factor rating detailed has been determined from independent lab testing under simulated rain events below 150mm per hour.

  • Always prepare a suitable seed bed by Pin wheeling, Horizontal ripping, or track rolling prior to the application of EnviroBond Grow™.
  • Apply from opposing directions to ensure 100% ground coverage is achieved.
  • Has soil testing been performed and analysed by a qualified soil specialist?
  • Is there a watering program proposed or sufficient natural rain events expected to establish the vegetation?
  • Do you require a long term self-sustainable outcome?
  • Topsoil Stockpiles consolidation and erosion protection
  • Seed protection from wind and rain
  • Dust control (mining and construction)
  • Sand dune stabilisation and/or revegetation
  • Tackifier in hydroseeding applications
  • Establishment and reconstruction of golf greens
  • Mine tailings stabilisation
  • Soil consolidation after bush fires
  • General landscape construction