EnviroBio Fertiliser

A new innovation to the Erosion control industry EnviroBio fertiliser has been designed from the ground up to deal with the challenges of establishing plants on low nutrient low carbon soils on construction sites.

A balance of slow-release and controlled-release fertiliser and trace elements, along with a combination of specific soil microbes developed for disturbed soils, leads to High Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE). This fertiliser ensures that essential nutrients are delivered effectively and efficiently to plant roots through enhanced soil biology – assisting in increasing and sustaining the population of beneficial microbes in the soil and improving overall soil health. EnviroBio fertiliser is insoluble ensuring it does not contaminate sensitive waterways and includes a 3 month non-water soluble nitrogen source that is accessed and fed back to the plants via the microbiology ensuring this very important input does not volatise or wash away. Available in 25 kg bags. 

envirobio fertiliser product 25kg
  • A non-soluble responsible fertiliser.
  • Native plant friendly.
  • Provides a stable non-leaching, volitising, long term nitrogen source.
  • Designed for disturbed soils, BMF includes up to 60 natural minerals and trace elements with up to 22 strains of beneficial soil microbes.
  • Encourages deep rooting, drought resistant plants.

EnviroBio Fertiliser has exceptional shelf life and contains bene?cial soil microbes that are activated when exposed to moisture. We recommend the storage of opened and unused fertiliser for a maximum of 11 months in a moisture free environment.