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Now any commercial site can be revegetated quickly and sustainably – no matter how depleted or erosion prone.

The EnviroStraw range of revegetation solutions and our erosion-control product, GeoSpray, were developed by Australia’s leading soil scientists over 12+ years.

Our products are proven to revive soil and establish native vegetation with increased carbon levels. They contain built-in nutrients for sustainable growth and work faster (with less water) than standard hydromulch.

Our chemical-free revegetation products are Australian-owned and manufactured. They have been carefully developed to accommodate all land sloping variants.

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Developed in Australia for Global Conditions

Australian owned and manufactured

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Soil Food Web

soil food web diagram

What creates healthy soil?

Soil scientists and microbiologists have discovered that a community of bacteria, fungi and other microbes exists in symbiosis with the root hairs of plants.

Our hero hydromulch EnviroMatrix ECM initiates the development of healthy soil through a combination of the essential elements that make up robust topsoil.

EnviroMatrix ECM conditions the soil via a delicate blend of essential fungi, bacteria and natural minerals. This helps rebuild topsoil and soil health by mimicking the natural Soil Food Web.

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