Soil Wet

The perfect capillary soil wetter for hydromulching and revegetation projects, Soil Wet encourages water penetration into the soil assisting with root development and improved water holding capacity of the soil its applied to. 

Soil Wet is a quick-acting formulation that enhances soil structure to maintain long-lasting wet-ability in waxy sands, heavy clays and normally water-repellent soils. Ideal for non-wetting soils, Soil Wet is designed for strong penetration, retention, capillary action and extended re-wetting. It is biologically friendly when used at the recommended rates. 

Small amounts of waxy glycocalyx binds sand particles together. This is normal in healthy soil – allowing the formation of soil aggregates, water penetration, nutrient transfer and so on. However, if the waxy layer becomes too advanced, a waterproof skin forms over the surface of the soil, and Soil-Wet helps amend this water-repellent “waxy” layer – thereby allowing moisture to soak into the ground and spread through the topsoil layer.

Sold in 1000 litre IBC or 25 litre drums.

soilwet product
Application Considerations
  • Improves water penetration and retention
  • Enhances fertiliser retention and plant root development
  • Soil-Wet can be directly onto the soil surface as a pretreatment or included in the Hydromulch slurry to aid rapid water infiltration.
  • Rate can be varied according to degree of water repellence and the extent of capillary action required to spread water into adjacent dry areas.
  • It is recommended to perform a test at the desired dilution rate prior to application.
  • Rates of over 10 liters per hectare should be applied as a pretreatment.