Hydromulch HGM

EnviroStraw’s hydro-seeding mulch Hydraulic Growth Media (HGM), is an innovative hydromulch product made right here in Australia. Formulated from annually renewable natural fibres, and including bio-stimulants and a bespoke blend of 22 species of bacteria and fungi, it is designed to rebuild disturbed soils on construction sites. Better outcomes are ensured with improved water use efficiency (WUE) as the product requires less water to apply which helps reduce costs. Using HGM allows up to fifty per cent more mulch per tank load which means spraying 50 % more area – less time filling tanks and more productive days.

hydraulic growth medium product
Application Considerations
  • Manufactured from Australian renewable resources from 100% biodegradable fibre
  • Environmentally responsible for aquatic wildlife
  • Weed and pathogen-free via extensive thermal processing
  • Improved on site water use efficiency (wue) requiring up to 40% less water during the application process
  • Includes a diverse range of Microbiology and biostimulants
  • Balanced c/n ratio below 50-1 which helps combat nitrogen draw down challenges
  • Designed for slopes below 3H-1V
  • Suitable for all soil types (BioGrowth™ soil science recommended)
  • Stockpile stabilisation
  • Commercial and residential development sites
  • Highway and roading projects
  • Mine sites