australian made and owned

With all EnviroStraw products proudly designed and made right here in Australia, you can know you’re
accessing the very best in soil science solutions that are tailored to Australia’s challenging climate.
Explore our award winning ranges:


The EnviroStraw range of Hydromulch products consists of three revegetation solutions. Each one includes our purpose designed range of soil biology for disturbed soils enhancing vegetation establishment including native plant species whilst improving overall soil health on even the steepest slopes and most degraded soils.


The EnviroStraw range of bio-friendly, environmentally responsible polymers are designed to stabilise hydromulch and all soil types. They control erosion by establishing vegetation, and can provide short or long-term outcomes.


Our purpose designed range of specialised soil conditioners proven to ensure a long-term, self sustaining outcome by building soil health more naturally. This is achieved by encouraging increased microbial activity and native plant establishment.


Stop erosion caused by water, rain or wind with GeoSpray – an alternative to geotextile products created by EnviroStraw. Unlike other erosion-control solutions, GeoSpray is applied in minutes – not hours. It dries quickly and can withstand moderate rain events in as little as 4 hours after application.