BFM Complete

australian made and owned

Bonded Fibre Matrix BFM Complete

A next generation hydromulch that’s a hydraulic growth media, bonded fibre matrix and biotic growth amendment all in one – just add the seed and spray.

As global leaders in microbial revegetation, Envirostraw’s all-in-one BFM Complete truly raises the bar for Australasian hydromulch products. Composed of thermally processed natural plant-derived fibre and including 22 bacteria and fungi, CRF controlled-release, mineral-based fertiliser, bio-stimulants, probiotics and soil conditioners, BFM Complete is a native-plant friendly solution that meets Australian standards for soil conditioners.

World-leading soil surface protection
BFM Complete’s unique and world-leading combination of polymers includes naturally derived hydrocolloid bio-friendly polymers and organic water absorbents. BFM Complete forms a bond with the soil surface to create a continuous, porous, absorbent and flexible erosion-resistant mulch matrix that allows for rapid germination and plant growth – providing up to 6 months of outstanding soil surface protection.

Meets or exceeds standards for a Bonded Fibre Matrix and a Biotic Growth Amendment/organic blanket in the IECA guide.

application guidelines
  • Mix up to 50% more mulch fibre per tank 
  • Increased coverage area with every tank applied
  • Delivers uniquely reliable and consistent results
  • Significant water saving providing CO2 reductions with water cart movements
  • Provides a long-term and self-sustaining outcome requiring less maintenance
  • Extremely cost competitive, providing improved on-site efficiencies and compliance

To ensure proper application rates, measure and clearly mark out the area. For best results, apply BFM Complete in a two-step process from different directions:

Pass one: Apply with specified prescriptive agronomic formulations and 50% of the cover crop seed over the measured area, including all native seeds included with BFM Complete.

Pass two: Mix the balance of seed and apply BFM Complete, ensuring all shadowing is eliminated and 100% ground cover is achieved.