The Future of Revegetation

BioGrowth is a world first – a microbial carbon revegetation program, purpose designed for the revegetation industry using EnviroStraw products. It holistically builds on conventional rehabilitation practices by rejuvenating depleted soils, increasing beneficial microbial activity and increasing soil carbon.

BioGrowth contains fertilisers and a long term control release nitrogen source.
BioGrowth has beneficial soil microbes designed for use in disturbed soils in most soil types.
BioGrowth™ is easy to adopt to kickstart soil biology which provides a long term self-sustaining outcome.

BioGrowth Diagram

The BioGrowth system is all about utilising easy to adopt, economical and environmentally sustainable practices and inputs.

By Improving soil health, quality and fertility, the BioGrowthTM system reduces costs for amelioration, watering and on-going maintenance, and lowers the risk of expensive reworks.


  • Lowered Cost

    Reduces costs for amelioration, watering and on-going maintenance as well as lowering the risk of expensive reworks.

  • Lowered Risk

    By holistically boosting soil health, nutrient use efficiency and water use efficiency, you significantly lower the risk of expensive reworks.

  • Increased Soil Health

    Increases overall soil health and mineral nutrient status through control release fertiliser technology developed for disturbed soils.

  • Economically & Environmentally Sustainable

    Utilises easy to adopt, economically and environmentally sustainable practices and inputs.

  • Augments Soils Natural Abilities

    Builds soil carbon naturally via the liquid carbon plant/microbe symbiosis pathway, enabling increased water infiltration and water holding capacity.

  • Minimises Environmental Impact

    Decreased reliance on watering reduces soil degradation, and the build-up of chemical residues in the environment.

  • Reduces Soil Erosion

    Reduces soil erosion from wind and rain by increasing natural levels of soil glomalin (important in soil aggregate stabilisation).

  • Increased Water use Efficiency

    Increases water infiltration water, holding capacity and water use efficiency, thereby reducing the cost of watering.