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EnviroStraw Now Manufacturing EnviroBond Erosion Control in Victoria

EnviroStraw is proud to announce the introduction of purpose-built equipment to manufacture EnviroBond erosion control polymer at its factory in Victoria.

This new equipment will allow EnviroStraw to meet the increasing demand for EnviroBond in the southern states. By manufacturing EnviroBond locally, EnviroStraw is able to offer its clients a more competitive price and faster delivery times.

EnviroBond is a superior soil stabiliser, mulch binder and dust suppressant used for erosion control with or without seed. It’s made from a blend of natural and synthetic polymers that work together to create a three-dimensional honeycomb matrix throughout the topsoil layer, helping to reduce erosion by allowing water to penetrate into the soil and slowing overland flow.

In contrast to many other polymers, which sit on the soil surface and create a shield that ultimately increases water runoff, EnviroBond penetrates into the soil and forms a bond with the soil particles, glueing them together. This bonding significantly reduces the amount of dirty water leaving the site, ensuring projects meet environmental conservation and compliance.

EnviroBond is environmentally friendly and safe to use around people, animals and plants. It’s also compatible with grass seed and fertilisers, making it a versatile solution for a variety of erosion control applications.

Unlike some other erosion control polymers, EnviroBond is guaranteed not to harm water pump seals and can be safely applied via water trucks, making the application a simple process for our clients.

In independent trials, EnviroBond has proven to outperform the market leaders and meet all erosion control standards with a C-Factor of 0.001.

If you’re looking for a superior erosion control solution that is environmentally friendly and easy to use, contact us today on 1300 868 669 or visit >> EnviroBond – EnviroStraw

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