The EnviroStraw range of Hydromulch products consists of three revegetation solutions. Each one includes our purpose designed range of soil biology for disturbed soils enhancing vegetation establishment including native plant species whilst improving overall soil health on even the steepest slopes and most degraded soils.

Erosion Control Matrix

EnviroMatrix ECM Biotic Growth Media + erosion control media. An advanced Hydraulically applied biotic growth media designed for extreme conditions and slope degrees.

Hydraulic Growth Media

Not just a Hydromulch but a high quality Hydraulic Growth media which includes our purpose designed suite of beneficial bacteria and Fungi to enhance soil health.

Hydraulic Growth Medium + Bonded Fibre Matrix

BFM (Bonded Fibre Matrix) + HGM (Hydraulic Growth Media). The same great product as HGM with added binders providing up to 6 months stability.