ENVIROMATRIX Erosion Control Matrix

For highly problematic soils that are very low in carbon, our hero product also includes 22 specially selected strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi with other essential nutrients – designed to help rebuild disturbed soils, increase soil carbon and improve soil health. Ideal for revegetating all areas including extreme slopes.

Recommended Applications

  1. Extreme slopes >3H – 0.5:1V1
  2. Fire and mine site reclamation
  3. Landfills
  4. High rainfall climate zones
  5. Suited to all sites airports, roading projects, sand dune stabilisation, mine site revegetation, railway batters
  6. Non-watering options are available


  • One-step application for control of erosion and
    vegetation establishment
  • Fertiliser not required Natural mineral ores and
    biostimulants included for improved plant establishment
  • Topsoil is not required, ONLY a suitable subsoil
  • Includes a purpose designed nitrogen source for long term
    plant available nitrogen
  • Long natural interlocking fibres for improved rain
    impact protection and erosion control on steep slopes
  • Native plant-ready
  • A diverse suite of beneficial bacteria and Fungi for
    growing healthy soils
  • Non-watering options are available

Download the Enviromatrix ECM brochure

For an in-depth look at the hero product that’s producing revolutionary
revegetation results, download the EnviroMatrix ECM brochure.

enviromatrix ecm brochure

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