Envirostraw Hydraulic Growth Media - Bonded Fibre Matrix (HGM-BFM)

EnviroStraw BFM is an all-in-one product designed to address the biological, chemical, and physical requirements for erosion control, and to stabilse and restore vegetation on disturbed soil sites. EnviroStraw BFM, produced from Australian annually renewable materials, consists of heat and mechanically treated cereal straw fibres which are environmentally safe and biodegradable. The porous hydromulch layer encourages water infiltration, enabling new seedlings to easily pass through the matrix. The combination of the cereal straw fibres and cross-linked, high strength polymer binders provides effective erosion prevention and vegetation establishment. Better outcomes are ensured due to the product’s improved water use efficiency (WUE).

Recommended Applications

  1. 1 Designed for steeper slopes > 3H-1V and below
  2. 2 Mine site and oil and natural gas revegetation
  3. 3 Military installations
  1. 4 Commercial and residential developments
  2. 5 Highways and roadside batters
  3. 6 Railway batters
Hydrolmulch application
Hydromulch result


  • Hydrocolloid tackifier included, provides a porous
    matrix with strong soil adhesion
  • A diverse suite of beneficial bacteria and fungi for
    growing healthy soils
  • Excellent vegetation: Improved vegetation establishment with better water infiltration to the substrate below
  • Improved on site water use efficiency (WUE) requiring up to 40% less water during the application process
  • Balanced C/N ratio <50-1 which combats nitrogen draw down challenges
  • Includes a purpose designed nitrogen source
    for long term plant available nitrogen

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