Envirostraw Hydraulic Growth Media - Bonded Fibre Matrix (HGM-BFM)

Hydromulch with added binders designed for steeper slopes. Biologically activated with 22 different species of soil enhancing bacteria and mycorrhizae fungi.

Recommended Applications

  1. Designed for steeper slopes > 3H-1V and below
  2. Mine site and oil and natural gas revegetation
  3. Military installations
  4. Commercial and residential developments
  5. Highways and roadside batters
  6. Railway batters


  • Hydrocolloid tackifier included, provides a porous
    matrix with strong soil adhesion
  • A diverse suite of beneficial bacteria and Fungi for
    growing healthy soils
  • Excellent vegetation establishment and erosion
    control mediaseed protection and germination
  • Reduce hydromulch tank loads, improve water usage,
    fewer trips to the water source with a low water
    mulch mixing ratio
  • Balanced C/N ratio below 50:1 improving nitrogen
    availability to establishing plants
  • Includes a purpose designed nitrogen source
    for long term plant available nitrogen

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