Envirostraw Hydraulic Growth Media (HGM)

A hydromulch that includes a biotic soil amendment and our agronomically designed soil conditioner. This thermally processed ‘straw blended fibre’ provides the ideal environment for controlled release and efficient nutrient uptake for establishing vegetation.

Recommended Applications

  1. Designed for slopes below 3H-1V1
  2. Suitable for all soil types (BioGrowth soil science recommended)
  3. Stockpile stabilisation
  4. Commercial and residential development sites
  5. Highway and roading projects
  6. Golf Courses and sports fields


  • Manufactured from Reclaimed renewable
    100% biodegradable fibers
  • Non-toxic to aquatic wildlife
  • Weed and pathogen-free via extensive
    thermal processing
  • Reduce hydromulch tank loads, improve water usage,
    fewer trips to the water source with a low water
    mulch mixing
  • Includes a diverse range of
    Microbiology and biostimulants
  • Balanced C/N ratio below 50:1 improving nitrogen
    availability to establishing plants

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