The EnviroStraw range of bio-friendly, environmentally responsible polymers are designed to stabilise hydromulch and all soil types. They control
erosion by establishing vegetation, and can provide short or long-term outcomes.


A superior soil stabiliser, mulch binder and dust suppressant used for erosion control with or without seed.

EnviroBond - Green

Same product as EnviroBond with a long term Green dye added.

EnviroBond - Grow

Same product as EnviroBond Green with an added Triple action Fertiliser.


A powdered water-soluble anionic polyacyrlamide used as a temporary hydromulch binder. Provides up to 2 months efficacy.

HydroGrip Plus

A hydrocolloid binder designed to hold hydromulch in place providing erosion control for longer.


A liquid polymer designed to stabilise soil and dust in non trafficked areas providing up to 3 months efficacy.