HydroGrip Plus

If you need to build and stabilise hydromulch to the soil surface on slope gradients and amidst erosive soil conditions, HydroGrip Plus is the product for you.

HydroGrip Plus is an advanced hydromulch binder in powder form designed to glue the hydromulch to the soil surface, and bind the soil particles below together. It has been specifically engineered and formulated with both long chain polymers and cross-linking molecules combined with a hydrocolloid plant-based polymer – delivering effective binding of organic hydraulic mulch products.  A combination of both natural organic and man-made polymers, the source polymers are nontoxic to the environment. HydroGrip Plus also improves soil pore space and water infiltration.

Packaging: 25 kg bags, 40 bags packed per standard pallet.
hydrogrip plus product 25kg
envirostraw grass growth on slope
application considerations
application guidelines
  • A blend of manmade and plant-based polymers
  • 5% Moisture (+/- 2%)
  • Fine white powder
  • Water soluble

The source polymers are a combination of both organic and man-made polymers that are nontoxic to the environment. Mix for a minimum 15 minutes in the hydromulch slurry prior to application to ensure the polymers are fully dispersed and hydrated within the hydromulch slurry. When used with hydroseeding (no hydromulch) no drying time is required when used on a well-prepared seed bed.

  • Add HydroGrip Plus after all other hydromulch ingredients have been added to the tank of the application equipment
  • Pour the measured volume into the tank slowly to avoid the risk of fish eye’s
  • Mix for a minimum 15 minutes prior to applying the hydromulch slurry to the soil surface to ensure the HydroGrip Plus has fully dispersed and hydrated in the hydromulch slurry.