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The biodegradable, non-toxic solution to erosion control and soil stabilising

EnviroBond is the ultimate solution for soil stabilisation, mulch binding, and dust suppression on non trafficked areas. Engineered for excellence, EnviroBond offers unparalleled erosion control, boasting a remarkable C-factor as low as 0.001. This ensures unmatched effectiveness in halting erosion dead in its tracks.

EnviroBond’s versatility shines through its compatibility with water, allowing it to be effortlessly mixed in any ratio and applied using a water truck. This process is meticulously designed to safeguard pump seals and adapt seamlessly to the specific soil structure, gradient, and terrain area that requires treatment.


At the heart of EnviroBond’s innovative formula is its ability to deeply penetrate and bond with the soil, creating a durable three-dimensional honeycomb matrix within the topsoil layer. This unique structure not only preserves soil permeability and integrity but also significantly enhances seed germination. Moreover, it provides robust protection against erosion caused by raindrop impact and overland flow.

Eco-friendly and easy to apply, EnviroBond stands out as a non-toxic, biodegradable solution that consistently delivers proven results. Its efficacy is not just promised but proven, backed by independent laboratory testing.

The proof is in the outcome

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