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Optimise your growth & minimise your costs

EnviroStraw continues to lead the way across the revegetation industry, with our patented and world first BioGrowth™ Program.

Designed to minimise financial outlay and deliver a long term sustainable outcome for our clients, the EnviroStraw BioGrowth™ Program works with the environment by rebuilding the native ecological systems without the use of any soluble fertilisers.

Able to be used on any site, including road construction, mine site rehabilitation and development areas, the BioGrowth™ Program builds on conventional revegetation practices by rejuvenating depleted soils and increasing beneficial microbial activity and soil carbon.

Our image shows a cover crop of Japanese Millet with a second crop of grasses germinating and establishing to produce a clover that is actually a form of legume. The role of the clover is to build nitrogen thus providing a long term and natural source for future plant life.

For more information on EnviroStraw’s BioGrowth™ Program contact us on 0409 677 449 or email on

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