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Carbon Capture & BioGrowth

The effectiveness of BioGrowth in revegetation and carbon sequestration

EnviroStraw, a leader in revegetation solutions, is making significant strides in capturing carbon in soil. Independent laboratory testing has shown the success of its BioGrowth program in rapidly building soil carbon. This not only enhances overall plant health and minimises maintenance efforts but also helps projects become carbon-neutral.

BioGrowth is the world’s first microbial, carbon-regenerative revegetation program designed specifically for sites with depleted soil. It’s ideal for use in situations requiring both soil remediation and revegetation.

Recent in field testing confirms remarkable outcomes, resulting in significant carbon capture within a relatively short time frame. The BioGrowth approach captures on average between 20 and 30 tonnes of carbon per hectare (ton/ha) within the first 6-9 months after inception, depending on climatic and management practices.

Testing occurred at the following sites:

Caloundra Turnoff Upgrade Project (Queensland)

In Queensland, the goal was to revegetate a 1 on 2 batter near the Caloundra exit on the Sunshine Coast motorway project without using topsoil or compost treatment. Under varying natural rainfed conditions an average of 21 tonnes of carbon/ha was captured in a 9 month period. This success underscores the effectiveness of EnviroStraw’s approach in diverse environmental settings.

Mine Site Rehabilitation (Western NSW)

Over a three-month period, an average of 20 tons equivalent of carbon per hectare was captured with a supplementary irrigation program on a railway batter comprised of rock and shale. This achievement was made possible through implementation of the BioGrowth Program, even in these challenging conditions.

Although captured carbon is considered permanent under ideal conditions, factors like drought, fire, and disruptive human activities can lead to its release. Healthy soil with a robust plant community helps maintain these captured carbon stores. When plants are removed or stressed, the flow of energy from plants to soil microbes is disrupted, causing them to break down stored carbon which is why EnviroStraw’s BioGrowth is a game changer.

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