Case studies

Canberra Roadside Revegetation Project

Canberra, ACT

The challenge

The project involved vegetating roadside nature strips using poor-quality site soils with minimal seed bed preparation and no watering program in place. The contractor had previously relied on tank-blended hydromulch from multiple suppliers, resulting in less than satisfactory outcomes.

The solution

EnviroStraw provided the perfect solution with BFM Complete, a single-bag product. Applying it at the minimum recommended rate of 3500kg/ha eliminated the need for multiple suppliers or products.

The results

The difference was remarkable in areas treated with BFM Complete compared to sections where competitors’ products were used. No bare patches were observed, and the EnviroStraw was no longer visible on the soil’s surface. This was due to the effective action of the microbes, repurposing the straw into available plant nutrients.