Case studies

Chinese Rock Batter

Beijing, China

The challenge

In 2022 Beijing will host the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, and EnviroStraw’s distributor, NMT, was engaged to assist with designing a solution to revegetating extremely steep, rock-face slopes.

Extremely steep, rock-face slope

Team placing GeoCells inside concrete structures

The solution

The design saw the team place GeoCells inside concrete structures, then add drainage metal and fill with screened topsoil from the site. EnviroStraw designed a soil-binding polymer that would hold the screened on-site soil in place – the polymer not only had to bind the soil particles together, but also allow for water penetration and establishment of vegetation. The screened site soil was applied via the hydromulcher, which included the soil binder and other inputs. EnviroMatrix ECM Biotic Growth Media and EnviroBond – our long-term storm guard polymer – was applied over the top of the sprayed topsoil layer, once the polymers in the soil layer had fully cured.

The results

The results to date are exceeding all expectations – design targets are well and truly meeting the desired outcome.