Case studies

Revegetating Road-Side Batters

Toowoomba Range, QLD

1 week after application

The challenge

EnviroStraw was appointed to revegetate two severely eroded sites in this area. One in the Redwood National Park and the second encompassing nearby steep batters. Because of weed infestation, the Redwood site had been stripped of topsoil. An analysis of the remaining soil showed low fertility and nutrition with an excessively high pH (8.4). Organic carbon levels were also very low. The steep batters lacked topsoil completely, and needed immediate erosion control.

Application rate of 10 ton to the hectare

Initial strike of the cover crop can be seen

The solution

Redwood National Park

Enviromatrix ECM and native seed blend at 10t/ha
Ameliorates: liquid micronized gypsum/humates

Steep batters

Enviromatrix ECM at 10t/ha

The results

Redwood National Park

With careful management, the pH was restored within
3 days, ready for ECM and EnviroBond to be applied.
In a matter of days, vegetation developed.

Steep batters

Treatment resulted in excellent long-term results – vegetation was established and soil fertility was restored. With the correct preparation and products, EnviroStraw ensured that the soil substrates recovered not only quickly but sustainably. Organic carbon levels and nutrients were restored so that the soil could facilitate effective root establishment and vegetation growth. Months and years on, solid vegetation cover continues.

40 days after application