Case studies

Roadside Revegetation Project

Highway Roadside Revegetation, SA

The challenge

This South Australian project involved two separate sites, both of which measured approximately 3m from road verge to the edge of site markers, or any bare/exposed soil. The first site area was ~2500sqm of >1:1.5 slope and the second was 6500sqm of 1:1 slope, and the client was looking to grow grass on disturbed soil.

The solution

The applications took place in December 2023, and the Contractor FastGrass applied the solution.

At Site 1, our team applied EnviroBond soil stabilisation polymer at a rate of 1000kg per hectare onto the prepared soil surface, in order to stabilise and bind the soil. Ryecorn and Pro Roadside seed blend was then added to this product and applied to the soil surface.

A secondary application of BFM Complete hydromulch was applied at a rate of 4500kg per hectare, and a further 500 litres of EnviroBond was applied with the BFM Complete – binding the soil together and providing a growth medium for the germinating seeds.

At Site 2, our team applied BFM Complete at a rate of 3500kg per hectare, along with Ryecorn and Pro Roadside seed blend. This provided a growth medium and soil stabilisation on the prepared soil.

In terms of follow-up maintenance, both sites needed to be irrigated for effective germination of the applied seeds. For effective germination, we recommend 1-3 applications per day (depending on environmental conditions) for the first 2 weeks after application, at a rate of 5-6L per square metre.

The results

Site 1

Site 2