Case studies

Steep Slope Revegetation, China

Zunyi, China

The challenge

This project was certainly a challenge from start to finish. The slope angle was not only extreme but the substrate was rock and very susceptible to erosion and needed stabilising immediately.

The solution

EnviroStraw used EnviroMatrix ECM as part of their Biogrowth™ program to stabilise the site in the following steps:

  • A stabilising wire mesh was pinned to the subsurface
  • Screened topsoil was sprayed to a minimum depth of 80 mm
  • EnviroMatrix ECM was sprayed at a 10 t/ha
  • Water via installed irrigation system.

SEED BLEND: Forbes, shrubs, flowers, grasses and trees. All are all establishing on site and require no maintenance (including re-application of fertilisers or nitrogen application).

The results

Within four months the site was stabilised – ninety per cent ground cover was achieved. The BioGrowth™ program used Enviromatrix ECM, EnviroStraw’s biotic growth media, to achieve the desired project goals. EnviroMatrix ECM ensures success on even the most extreme slopes.