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Delivering Greater Value with Every Bale: EnviroStraw’s Hydromulch Solution

As leading global specialists in microbial revegetation, EnviroStraw is committed to bringing groundbreaking products and solutions to our commercial clientele.

With our hydromulch, contractors are assured of unparalleled value in every bale. Manufactured in Australia using 100% biodegradable, renewable resources, our hydromulch range is meticulously engineered to restore disturbed soils to their natural state effectively and sustainably.

Maximising Efficiency, Minimising Costs

The strength of our hydromulch lies in its capacity to deliver impressive results with less. Our hydromulch products are  designed to elevate productivity on commercial sites by covering up to 50% more area per tank load. This translates into reduced tank refills and therefore, less time and fewer CO2 emissions on site. Not only do you achieve significant cost reductions but also improvements in environmental compliance – a compelling proposition for any client.

But we didn’t stop at area coverage. Our hydromulch products deliver advanced water use efficiency (WUE) to the table, minimising water requirements during both the application process and subsequent watering. This unique characteristic guarantees greater cost-effectiveness and further enhances our hydromulch’s environmentally-friendly profile.

An Innovation in Soil Regeneration

Beyond productivity and environmental benefits, EnviroStraw’s hydromulch range is an innovation in soil regeneration. Composed of thermally processed, annually renewable fibres, it’s completely biodegradable and free of pathogens and weeds. Each bale is infused with bio-stimulants with an exceptional blend of 22 bacterial and fungal species designed to unlock the nutrient content in the soil. This unique microbial blend kickstarts essential natural processes within the ecosystem, improving soil health and assisting faster establishment of native plant species.

Achieving More with a Single Bag Hydromulch Solution

Our all-in-one solutions offer immense benefits for both the environment and your operations. Each bag’s ease of use is unmatched – simply add the contents to the hydromulch tank, introduce the seeds, and spray over the soil. It’s that easy.

We’ve crafted our single bag solution to minimise environmental impact, reducing on-site waste, water usage, and CO2 emissions. Our hydromulch-to-water mix ratio significantly reduces water requirements, lowering your usage by up to 50% compared to traditional products. You can use our water use efficiency calculator to determine your project savings.

Simultaneously, the single bag solution enhances operational efficiency. There’s no need to re-measure inputs or worry about inconsistent hydromulch mixes. Compliance becomes effortless, and the need for ongoing maintenance such as fertiliser reapplication and weed management is significantly reduced.

The Bottom Line

Every bale of EnviroStraw hydromulch represents not just a product, but a promise of quality, efficiency, and sustainability. It’s a promise of covering a larger area in less time, reducing water usage, enhancing soil and plant health, combating nitrogen drawdown, and getting rid of weeds and pathogens. All these advantages enable you to deliver your projects faster and move on to the next job sooner.

With straw-based hydromulch products, contractors and site owners can expect to reap more benefits from what they sow. Give our team of specialists a call on 1300 868 669 to discuss your revegetation needs.

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