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Don’t get caught out by imported products

Australia made products

With COVID-19 hugely impacting the Australian economy and global supply chains, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re using Australian-made products on your site. Specifying imported products is currently riskier and more costly than it’s ever been, with COVID-hit supply chains causing issues in a wide variety of ways.

Production issues

With factories around the world forced to lay off staff or even close entirely during the pandemic, many simply don’t have the staff to fulfil orders. With a vaccine still some way off, many production pipelines will be indefinitely delayed.

Shipping delays

When products do make it out of the factory and to the port, they face delays in shipping due to a general downturn in demand that’s led to fewer containers and ships setting sail. According to industry site Logistics Bureau, “Coronavirus has slashed demand in some regions, increased it in others, created labour problems in ports, and upset the balance of shipping container availability”.

Increasing freight prices

The result of all this disruption is, of course, increased freight prices – costs that are then passed on to you.

In the midst of this uncertainty, the great news is that all of EnviroStraw’s unique products are Australian-made – meaning we offer outstanding value for money, swift delivery of the product and total peace of mind. As a proudly Australian-owned and operated business, the EnviroStraw range performs as well, if not better, than the imported products and supports Australian jobs and communities – something more important than ever, and yet another great reason to choose EnviroStraw.

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