Restore Soil Health and Rebuild Carbon Levels

enviromatrix process snapshots

EnviroMatrix ECM (Erosion Control Matrix)

A new standard in hydromulch has arrived.
EnviroMatrix ECM is the fast acting, ultra-potent brainchild of Australia’s leading soil scientists.

For lasting revegetation, our hero product blends 22 specially selected strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi with other essential nutrients. Treatment is designed to restore highly problematic soils that are very low in carbon. Ideal for revegetating all areas including extreme slopes.

BioGrowth™ is a world first - a microbial carbon revegetation program, purpose designed for the revegetation industry using EnviroStraw™ products.

Download the Enviromatrix ECM brochure

For an in-depth look at the hero product that’s producing revolutionary
revegetation results, download the EnviroMatrix ECM brochure.

enviromatrix ecm brochure