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Fire ants and the law: why you need EnviroStraw hydromulch

If you’re using hydromulch on your projects, you may have heard talk about fire-ant legislation.

These tiny critters can cause a big problem, with the potential to cause much environmental, social and economic damage, and there is strict legislation aimed at stopping their movement around Australia. This means hydromulch manufactured in Queensland can’t legally be used over the border in other states unless all appropriate certificates are provided to ensure the product’s fire-ant free – so it’s important you’re aware of the origin of your hydromulch. You can learn more here.

Happily, all EnviroStraw products are manufactured in and distributed from Victoria, and pose absolutely no risk to your project. Safe to use in all states, our products are guaranteed fire-ant free. So next time you’re selecting hydromulch for your project, make sure it’s EnviroStraw – as well as optimal results, it delivers the ultimate peace of mind.

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