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From waste to vegetation: our new cellulose range

Landfill waste is an ongoing problem that poses a serious threat to our native environment and its inhabitants. The soil scientists at EnviroStraw undertake ongoing research to counteract this problem, creating products that support native vegetation and environmental restoration. 

After an extensive X Research and Development (R&D) program, we’re excited to announce our plans to divert cellulose fibre from landfill for incorporation in our revolutionary new hydromulch range. 

This motion reflects our commitment to supporting the revegetation and recycling industries by transforming waste into products that facilitate the natural regeneration of the environment. 

By recycling cellulose fibre back into soil, our new range will not only reduce landfill waste quantities, but also create a new nutrient source for native vegetation. 

Other key product improvements include:

  • Increased shoot distance.
  • Increased viscosity of the hydromulch slurry.
  • Increased water holding capacity.
  • The ability to reabsorb water, unlike other single-use cellulose fibres.
  • Improved erosion control with better mulch fibre entanglement.
  • Increased concentration of the plant mineral silica, which is lacking in most soils. This aids plants in the uptake of minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and zinc and improves plant photosynthesis. 

These benefits combined ultimately deliver better regenerative outcomes for contractors and clients, and on a broader scale, better environmental outcomes long-term.

To find out more about our new cellulose fibre product range, call us on 1300 868 669 or fill out our contact form.   

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