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How to get the best results out of your site with EnviroStraw

The hydraulic revegetation industry has come a long way in the past few decades, and the EnviroStraw team is proud to be at the forefront of new product developments.

Our industry-leading products are the result of technical advancement, product innovation and real world experience, and while they have proven to deliver world-class revegetation outcomes, product performance relies heavily on selecting the right products for your site.

All our products meet or exceed all Australian and International Erosion Control Associations standards for Hydromulch and Bonded Fibre Matrix products.

To simplify the process of selecting the right award-winning EnviroStraw product for the environmental conditions onsite, we’ve provided a summary of conditions and application rates below.

EnviroMatrix ECM

Topsoil alternative.
“Just add seed and spray”
envirostraw ecm
EnviroStraw’s hero product, EnviroMatrix (ECM) is an all-in-one-bag advanced BGA (Biotic Growth Amendment) designed to control erosion, rebuild disturbed soils and replace topsoil.

ECM includes a diverse range of carefully selected strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi with included bio-stimulants and other carbon building inputs. With its added binders and natural long strand interlocking fibres, it stabilises and restores vegetation on disturbed soil sites. Suitable for use on all areas > 5:1 – < 0:5 at rates of 4500 – 10,000 kilograms, ECM works even where topsoil is scarce, or on sites with highly problematic, low-carbon soils. It is also native plant-ready, making it ideal for use on all construction sites, and requires less water than product alternatives, resulting in significant cost savings.

For more information on our all-in-one-bag ECM solution, click here.

Hydraulic Growth Media HGM

For slopes <3-1

envirostraw hgm

EnviroStraw’s hydro-seeding mulch Hydraulic Growth Media (HGM) is an innovative hydromulch product made in Australia, best applied on slopes <3-1 at a rate of 2500-4000 kilograms per hectare. 

Formulated from 100% biodegradable, annually renewable natural fibres, a diverse range of bio-stimulants and a bespoke blend of 22 species of bacteria and fungi, HGM is designed to minimise erosion and enhance seed germination on construction sites. HGM allows up to 50% more mulch per tank load, translating to 50% greater area coverage, less time filling tanks and more productive days. It also boasts improved water use efficiency (WUE) and requires 50% less water during application, which helps reduce costs. Finally, it undergoes extensive thermal processing to eliminate weeds and pathogens, creating a product that is environmentally responsible and safe for aquatic wildlife. 

For more information on HGM and what it can do for your site, click here

Bonded Fibre Matrix BFM

For slopes >3.1 – <2.1

envirostraw bfm

Best applied onto >3.1 – <2.1 slopes at 3000-5000 kilograms per hectare, EnviroStraw Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM) is designed to improve erosion control and stabilise and restore vegetation on disturbed soil sites. 

Produced from annually renewable, biodegradable Australian materials, EnviroStraw BFM consists of heat- and mechanically-treated cereal straw, cellulose and Celluzorb, our newly developed water holding fibre, as well as a diverse suite of beneficial bacteria and fungi. The combination of the fibres and cross-linked, high-strength polymer binders effectively prevents erosion while the porous hydromulch layer encourages water infiltration, enabling new seedlings to easily pass through the matrix and leading to excellent vegetation outcomes. The product’s improved water use efficiency (WUE) reduces the water volume required during application by up to 50% and generates better outcomes for contractors and site owners.

For more information on BFM and what it can do for your site, click here.

Bonded Fibre Matrix BFM Complete

“Just Add Seed and Spray”

envirostraw bfm

A next generation hydromulch that delivers the benefits of a hydraulic growth media, bonded fibre matrix and biotic growth amendment all in one bag, BFM Complete is the perfect replacement for all other Biotic Growth Medias with a two-system application process – just add seed and spray. 

Usable on all areas >5.1 – <2.1 slopes at 3500-5000 kilograms per hectare, the all-in-one BFM Complete is composed of thermally processed natural plant-derived fibre as well as 22 species of bacteria and fungi, CRF controlled-release, mineral-based fertiliser, bio-stimulants, probiotics, natural wetting agents and phytonutrients, and other soil building additives to offer world-leading soil surface protection and vegetation establishment. 

This unique, world-leading combination includes all you need to control erosion and grow plants in each bag, making compliance easy. Our proprietary hydrocolloid bio-friendly polymers and organic water absorbents ensure a strong bond is formed with the soil surface to create a continuous, porous, absorbent and flexible erosion-resistant mulch matrix. This provides up to six months of outstanding soil surface protection, while also allowing for rapid germination and plant growth.

For more information on BFM Complete and what it can do for your site, click here.

If you’re looking for an effective erosion control solution for your site or project, there’s an EnviroStraw product to suit your needs. To find out more about which product might be right for you, give our soil scientists a call on 1300 868 669.


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