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Introducing BFM Complete: just add seed and spray!

New from the global leaders in microbial revegetation comes EnviroStraw BFM Complete – an all-in-one solution that truly raises the bar for Australian BFM hydromulch products, acting as a hydraulic growth media, bonded fibre matrix and biotic growth amendment. All you need to do is add seed and spray. 

Why BFM Complete is all you need

Composed of thermally processed, natural plant-derived fibre that includes 22 bacteria and fungi; CRF controlled-release, mineral-based fertiliser; bio-stimulants; probiotics and soil conditioners, BFM Complete is a native-plant friendly solution that meets Australian standards for soil conditioners.

BFM Complete incorporates bio-friendly polymers and organic water absorbers that bond with the soil surface to create a porous, absorbent and flexible mulch matrix that’s erosion-resistant and provides up to six months of outstanding soil surface protection.

A range of benefits

  • Improves soil health
  • Kickstarts rapid germination
  • Controls erosion for up to six months
  • Long term, self-sustaining solution
  • Made in Australia from Australian renewable resources
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Native plant-friendly
  • Uses significantly less water than standard hydromulch
  • Superior soil surface protection
  • Extremely cost competitive
  • Improves on-site efficiencies and compliance

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