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Protect your business from the fertiliser price-rise

The war in Ukraine has led to EU sanctions against Russia, driving up fertiliser prices across the globe – and if your fertiliser of choice is manufactured outside of Australia, it could be cause for concern.

According to Trade Data Monitor and Bloomberg’s Green Markets, Russia – a top exporter of key fertiliser ingredients such as urea, ammonia and potash – produced almost one-fifth of fertiliser exports in 2021.

The scarcity of alternative fertiliser sources suggests that ongoing price increases are likely, particularly for products which are imported or manufactured from imported ingredients.

If you are currently using imported products, now is the time to switch to an Australian-made Bio Fertiliser solution designed for the revegetation industry and protect your business from the imminent price rises.

For contractors and site owners, the benefits of using our Australian-made all-in-one-bag products, BFM Complete and EnviroMatrix ECM, are extensive.

Achieve better results

EnviroStraw’s all-in-one-bag solutions are the only products on the market specifically designed to revegetate construction sites, mine sites and other severely disturbed soils in a holistic way. With a suite of purpose-designed microbes, soil conditioners, biostimulants, wetting agents, sources of slow-release nitrogen and trace elements in each bag, these products are primed to deliver long-term self-sustaining revegetation outcomes. Check out our case studies.

Reduce costs

Our focus on achieving long-term self-sustaining outcomes also translates into better value for money, cutting out unnecessary costs without compromising on effectiveness. Even while fertiliser costs are rising, EnviroStraw is giving contractors an opportunity to reduce their revegetation project costs at several touchpoints. The all-in-one-bag design reduces product transport requirements by reducing the number of pallets shipped to site, while increased product mix rates also increase coverage area, reduce CO2 emissions, and save time and water in the application process.

Support the Australian environment and economy

EnviroStraw solutions are made for Australian conditions and manufactured right here in Australia. Designed to deliver maximum benefit for the environment, our products won’t leach or volatise into the surrounding environment, keeping contractors compliant and site owners satisfied.


With a seemingly inevitable price rise on the horizon, this is a great opportunity to consider alternatives to your existing fertiliser solutions. Contact the EnviroStraw team here or call 1300 868 669 to speak to one of our soil scientists.


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