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4 revegetation products that give you a competitive edge

Are you on a mission to provide your clients with superior revegetation project outcomes? 

Adopting innovative hydromulch products is the key to gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors – and straw-based products have set a new standard in the revegetation industry.

Tested extensively in Australian conditions, the EnviroStraw revegetation range is designed to get the job done in a way that’s fast, sustainable and cost-effective.

As the global price of imported wood fibre hydromulch increases, there has never been a better time to make the switch to our Australian-made solution.

Here are our top 4 revegetation essentials:

Standard Hydromulch without Binder

EnviroStraw HGM

Each bag of EnviroStraw HGM includes a suite of purpose-designed microbes with phytonutrients, natural wetting agents, biostimulants and a balanced carbon-nitrogen ratio. Designed to maximise truck loading rates and restore soil to its natural state in a cost-effective way, EnviroStraw HGM is a preferable alternative to binder-free wood fibre hydromulches such as Conwed 1000. Each pallet includes 52 bales. 

Bonded Fibre Matrix Hydromulch

EnviroStraw BFM (Bonded Fibre Matrix)

Independently tested against international standards, EnviroStraw BFM is comparable to Duraveg FM and all other BFM hydromulches on the market, with the added benefit of microbes, biostimulants, phytonutrients and natural wetting agents in each bale. Each bag also includes hydrocolloid crosslinked binders that bind hydromulch for up to six months. Our BFM is designed to maximise truck loading weights, enhancing efficiency and value for money. Each pallet includes 52 bales.

Biotic Growth Amendments: Just add seed and spray

BFM Complete: Improve outcomes and compliance

EnviroStraw BFM Complete is a new generation, native seed-friendly hydromulch that includes all essential ingredients for vegetation growth in a single bale. As an all-in-one solution, it delivers significantly greater value than competitors’ products – and all you have to do is add seed and spray. Put simply, there is nothing like BFM Complete on the market today.

EnviroMatrix Erosion Control Matrix (Organics Blanket Alternative)

Our EnviroMatrix ECM is a truly unique product, combining the benefits of Flexterra, Proganics and Proganics Dual in every bale. Its long strand natural interlocking fibres make it suitable for even the steepest slopes, with or without topsoil – and the results speak for themselves. In a recent independent comparison trial between EnviroMatrix and Proganics, EnviroMatrix not only delivered superior vegetation establishment outcomes but also built significantly more carbon and balanced the soil, providing a long-term, self-sustaining outcome. Simply add seed, spray and the job is done. 

Want better outcomes for less? To find out how EnviroStraw’s world-leading range of revegetation products can help raise the revegetation standard and lower the cost, explore our full product range here or contact our team of soil scientists via our website.  


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