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Stay on top of the government’s revegetation specifications

The NSW government has specified the use of thermally processed straw hydromulch on main roads projects, a bold move in support of Australian manufacturers and farmers.

Now is the time to upgrade by switching from traditional wood fibre hydromulch to the superior choice – straw. Not only is it more eco-friendly, but it also offers numerous advantages. Discover a few of these below:

Maximise cost efficiency from delivery to application
EnviroStraw’s hydromulch products, particularly our all-in-one-bag range, are designed to create product savings at every touchpoint. The one-tonne minimum pallet weight saves on expensive delivery charges while the product composition increases the tank load capacity, in turn increasing the coverage area per tank.

Achieve the best possible outcomes
Working with natural processes is the best way to ensure sustainable, long-term success and minimise the risk of costly reworks. EnviroStraw products incorporate an advanced suite of microbes designed to kickstart the processes of nature, rebuild disturbed soils and achieve desired outcomes fast.

Source superior solutions from across Australia
As a proudly Australian company, EnviroStraw sources and produces all of our products locally. Designed and produced in Australia, each bag of hydromulch is primed to work well in Australian conditions. This eliminates any logistical issues associated with international shipping and ensures that straw hydromulch is steadily available year-round, particularly as straw grows in months rather than years.

Embrace an easier application process
In any revegetation project, time is an extremely valuable resource, and an efficient application process can significantly decrease overall project costs. With EnviroStraw products, you can simply add your chosen seed to each tank and spray, using a hydromulch applicator to apply an even layer of the hydromulch mixture to the soil. Designed for ease of application, this process ensures even coverage, speeds up the process and minimises labour costs.

Keep your projects environmentally sustainable
EnviroStraw products are designed to deliver exceptional outcomes on Australian soils while minimising environmental impacts in several ways. Each bag is made with a readily available base of mechanically and thermally processed straw stubble that grows in months rather than years. With a high mix rate, each tank also holds more slurry, maximising your coverage area while reducing carbon emissions and water usage during the application process. This ensures that the outcomes are always compliant, minimising the risk and cost of expensive reworks.

Do you want the EnviroStraw advantage on your next revegetation project? Call 1300 868 669 or fill out the contact form on our website to line up a consultation with the EnviroStraw team.

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