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The benefits of BioGrowth in carbon trading

Carbon trading is a system in which companies and individuals can buy/sell carbon credits, which represent a tonne of carbon dioxide or its equivalent. Carbon credits are generated by projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

EnviroStraw’s BioGrowth is an advanced, microbial carbon-regenerative revegetation program designed specifically for sites with depleted soil. It uses soil microbes to sequester carbon in the soil, improving soil health, increasing plant growth, and reducing erosion.

Companies can benefit from carbon trading by using BioGrowth to revegetate land and sequester carbon in the soil. This can help them to:

  • Reduce their carbon footprint – by sequestering carbon in the soil, companies can reduce their overall carbon footprint which can help them meet their environmental sustainability goals and reduce their compliance costs under carbon pricing schemes.
  • Generate revenue – companies can sell the carbon credits they generate through BioGrowth on the carbon market helping to offset the costs of revegetation and generate additional revenue.
  • Improve reputation – by using BioGrowth to revegetate land and sequester carbon, companies can demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability which improves reputation and attracts investors, customers, and partners.

EnviroStraw offers a comprehensive service for clients who want to participate in the carbon trading scheme, including:

  • Carbon Feasibility Assessments to evaluate the feasibility of creating legislatively compliant carbon projects
  • Land Management Strategy Reports detailing potential project attributes and proposed design
  • Implementation of carbon programs along with the selected carbon sequestration and measurement methodology.

The BioGrowth system is a unique program that improves soil health and vegetative cover – delivering economical and environmental sustainability.

The scientifically designed and rigorously tested products and inputs used in our Australian-designed BioGrowth Regenerative Revegetation program include hydromulch medias, specific multi-strain bacteria and fungi, controlled release mineral fertiliser; and additional biologically and environmentally friendly inputs.

When combined, these inputs help rebuild the soil microbiome and improve soil health, correct soil imbalances, build soil carbon and glomalin (nature’s glue – that further binds the soil and increases soil aggregation and shear strength), improve water-holding capacity and recycle nutrients – providing a long-term, self-sustaining outcome.

If you’re considering carbon trading and emission offsetting on your next project, call EnviroStraw today on 1300 868 669 so we can help you design a tailored carbon sequestration program.

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