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Thermally Processed Straw Hydromulch: EnviroStraw’s Sustainable Edge in Revegetation

Hydraulic revegetation has been completely revolutionised by a game-changing product: straw-based hydromulch. This innovative mulch not only offers superior coverage, seed protection, and improved soil moisture retention, but also provides unparalleled erosion control. However, not all hydromulch is created equal. In the world of hydraulic revegetation, thermally and mechanically processed straw-based hydromulch stands as the undisputed leader.

The superiority of straw-based hydromulch can be attributed to several key features. Firstly, it’s thermally and mechanically processed, a method which enhances the material’s flexibility and water absorption and ensures its weed seed and pathogen free. Additionally, it’s manufactured from a renewable resource—straw stubble—which unlike woodchip, regrows in months, not years. The production process with other carefully selected inputs creates a thick viscous slurry that ensures exceptional ground coverage and encourages water permeation, providing long-term self-sustaining outcomes. Furthermore, a balanced carbon-to-nitrogen ratio minimises nitrogen drawdown and other nutrient lock-up issues.

EnviroStraw’s hydromulch products stand at the forefront of this category. With our proven track record of delivering lasting results on sites across Australia, our thermally processed straw-based hydromulch not only eliminates harmful insects, pathogens, and viable weed seeds, but also sets the standard for safety and effectiveness in the industry.

Compared to other types of hydromulch, straw-based solutions display several advantages. Cellulose-based hydromulch, often made from recycled newspaper, and wood fibre hydromulch suffer from high carbon-to-nitrogen ratios, leading to nitrogen drawdown issues. They also require high volumes of water during application, increasing CO2 emissions. On the other hand, wood fibre-based hydromulch, though deemed a renewable resource, takes up to 20 years to grow and requires substantial energy for processing.

Our products, including EnviroStraw BFM Complete and EnviroMatrix Erosion Control Matrix (ECM), are designed to improve on-site compliance and deliver truly environmentally responsible outcomes. By covering a greater area per tank, our products reduce carbon emissions and water usage during application and maintenance.

For contractors and site owners, the benefits of our straw-based hydromulch extend beyond environmental outcomes. Its cost-effectiveness is evident in the reduced water usage and the overall cost of resource and maintenance. With an extended functional longevity of up to 18 months on-site, it is also more effective in establishing long-term self-sustaining vegetation solutions. Moreover, the ease of application increases on-site productivity.

The thermally processed straw in our hydromulch provides unmatched advantages. By eliminating weed species and other pathogens, it paves the way for optimal revegetation outcomes. Also, it negates the need for additional binders to adhere it to the soil surface upon application, reducing project costs and the risk of erosion.

At EnviroStraw, we believe that thinking straw is the key to successful revegetation projects. This belief is reflected in our suite of products which incorporate advanced microbial technology to improve outcomes and compliance. Combined with our BioGrowth program product range, these products support native plant growth and rebuild disturbed soils, working with natural processes to ensure sustainable, long-term success.

Additionally, as an Australian-owned and operated company, we use Australian materials across our manufacturing and distribution supply chain. This provides us with a unique understanding of Australia’s climate and ecosystem, enabling us to tailor our products to suit these conditions.

By choosing EnviroStraw, you’re not just choosing a product—you’re choosing a commitment to cost-efficiency, environmental responsibility, and sustainable revegetation. Our hydromulch products are designed to achieve the desired outcome fast, reducing the need for expensive reworks. Remember, when revegetation projects fail, the financial loss creates significant budget constraints and environmental harm. Our products, however, are designed to help you get it right the first time, avoiding the need for costly reworks.

We also understand the importance of supporting native plant growth. Our advanced hydromulch products are designed to enhance native plant establishment, providing the best results when combined with our BioGrowth Regenerative Revegetation program.

As we move forward, our commitment to producing environmentally responsible, high-quality straw-based hydromulch remains unwavering. With each bag of our hydromulch, we provide an advanced suite of microbes, phytonutrients, natural wetting agents, biostimulants designed to kickstart the process of nature and rebuild disturbed soils. This commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with our products; we are also dedicated to supporting Australian farmers and contributing positively to the local economy.

For more information about our thermally processed hydromulch and the benefits it could bring to your site, give the EnviroStraw team a call on 1300 868 669 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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