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Think straw for a better start: why sites using straw hydromulch are outperforming those that don’t

The vegetative growth you generate on site is heavily influenced by the products you use, among other factors – and based on our 10+ years of research, straw-based hydromulch won’t be beaten. 

While woodfibre hydromulch is still considered an industry standard, our soil scientists are committed to ongoing innovation – particularly as several macrotrends compound the need for an alternative solution. 

Since COVID-19, the construction and transport sectors have faced ongoing logistical issues, leaving many hydromulch manufacturers unable to source key product ingredients. 

Rising wood consumption rates and increasingly frequent wildfires also continue to diminish woodfibre resources, leading site owners to consider alternatives to wood-based hydromulch.  

Fortunately, Research and Development (R&D) programs have established the efficacy of hydromulch made with alternative ingredients such as straw, with great benefits for site owners, contractors and the environment. 

From an environmental standpoint, straw hydromulch is superior in several ways. 

  • It’s 100% renewable, minimising the long-term impact on the environment. 
  • Our blend of fibres is designed to hold just enough water to enhance germination and increase permeation of water into the soil. 
  • The way straw absorbs and holds water significantly reduces the amount of water required during the application process. 
  • It minimises erosion by stabilising soil and protecting against raindrop impact and overland flow. 
  • It provides a food source for microbes, which in turn feed the plants, encouraging deep-rooted plant establishment and creating healthy soil balance through symbiosis. 

Embracing straw hydromulch has led to better, more sustainable long-term onsite outcomes for many site owners and contractors. 

Is your business still using wood fibre hydromulch products? If so, it’s time to set a new standard with straw. 

To find out more about straw hydromulch and the benefits it could bring to your site,  contact our soil scientists on 1300 868 669

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