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Think straw for superior revegetation results

At EnviroStraw, we are proud to produce world-leading, award-winning, high quality innovative revegetation products and programs from straw, developed in partnership with industry leaders.

Every bag of our straw-based hydromulch is made with advanced microbial technology that improves outcomes and compliance, especially when combined with the BioGrowth program product range.

Thinking straw is the key to success in revegetation projects – and here’s why.

Achieve cost efficiencies that strengthen your bottom line
EnviroStraw is committed to maintaining competitive pricing. A one-tonne minimum weight per pallet saves on expensive delivery charges, while the product composition increases the tank load capacity, in turn increasing the coverage area per tank and contributing to on-site productivity.

Embrace Australian-made solutions for Australian soil
Australia’s unique climate and ecosystem demand a unique approach to revegetation, and EnviroStraw is proud to be a leader in this field. As an Australian-owned and -operated company, we support Australian farmers and use Australian materials across our manufacturing and distribution supply chain.

Deliver fully compliant, environmentally responsible solutions
Unlike other hydromulch products that use woodchip, EnviroStraw hydromulch is made with straw stubble – a renewable resource that grows in months, not years. Our products are designed to cover a greater area with every tank applied, reducing carbon emissions from heavy machinery and water usage during application and maintenance.

Minimise costly reworks
When revegetation projects fail, the financial loss creates often-significant budget constraints. In fact, the EnviroStraw team is often called in to fix a failed project on a tight budget, and reworks can be expensive. That’s why our products are designed to achieve the desired outcome fast, incorporating an advanced suite of microbes designed to kickstart the process of nature and rebuild disturbed soils. By working with natural processes, we can ensure sustainable, long-term success.

Support native plant growth
Our range of advanced hydromulch products are proven to enhance native plant establishment. For the best results, combine them with our BioGrowth Regenerative Revegetation program.

If you’re thinking about your next revegetation project, think straw. For more information on the benefits of working with straw-based hydromulch, reach out to our soil scientists on 1300 868 669.

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