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Why you should specify a single bag hydromulch product

Historically, revegetating and conditioning soil back to its natural state has been a long and involved process.

Given the natural differences in soil composition and quality, it has also required a range of products made for different purposes, with varying degrees of effectiveness.

However, recent innovations have led to the creation of the single bag hydromulch products, which has become known for delivering superior results within a shorter time frame. 

How does hydromulch work?

The term “hydromulching” describes the process of conditioning the soil – which often requires a treatment tailored to different soil conditions – and spraying it with a slurry of seeds, fertiliser, water and mulch. This mixture then merges with the topsoil to form a protective layer over the soil, allowing grass seeds to germinate. 

To address the challenge of conditioning different soils, our scientists have created an advanced suite of bacteria and fungi and other inputs like phytonutrients, biostimulants, non-water-soluble nitrogen, trace elements, and non-water-soluble fertiliser. Utilising these scientifically developed and tested inputs, our all-in-one products can build long-term soil health in soil types found in Australia and around the world. 

The benefits of a single bag hydromulch product 

Using a single bag hydromulch product has many environmental benefits. It reduces the eco footprint onsite, including onsite waste and the CO2 emissions created by transporting the products and truck movements on site. By increasing the hydromulch-to-water mix ratio, our all-in-one-bag products reduce the amount of water required in the application process by up to a staggering 50 per cent when compared to other products on the market. Use our water use efficiency calculator to calculate the savings on your project. 

Using single bag hydromulch products is as simple as it sounds. Just add the contents of the bag to the hydromulch tank, add the seeds and spray the mixture over the soil. The microbial blend and the non-water-soluble soil conditioners included in our single bag products include everything required to get the job done: minerals, trace elements, biostimulants, natural soil wetters and inputs, and fertiliser with a unique non-water soluble nitrogen source. This mix is designed to significantly reduce ongoing maintenance requirements, such as fertiliser reapplication and weed management, while the simplicity of this process also simplifies on-site compliance, ensuring the project is completed to specifications. 

Using a single bag simplifies the process of hydraulic revegetation in several ways. Because we measure and monitor every input that goes into these specialised products, there is no need to re-measure inputs and no risk of inconsistency in hydromulch mixes. Our single bag products also greatly improve on-site compliance, reducing waste and improving other efficiencies, particularly water use efficiency (WUE). Our increased mixing ratios deliver up to 50% more fibre per tank of hydromulch, and as a result, require significantly less water per project. 

All-in-one products deliver great cost benefits for both producers and end users. Costs associated with on-site storage, freight and application are significantly reduced.

Which EnviroStraw products are recommended and why?  

EnviroStraw products are specifically designed not only to achieve the desired outcome in every project, but also to simplify the process of hydraulic revegetation by eliminating the need for multiple products.

Take our EnviroMatrix Erosion Control Matrix product, for example – it is a Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM), Flexible Growth Media (FGM), Biotic Growth Amendment (BGA), Fibre Matrix (FM) and Hydraulic Growth Amendment (HGM) all in one bag. All you have to do is add seed and spray. 

Our all-in-one products are Australian firsts, designed to enhance native plant germination and establishment in all native soils using the most advanced soil science techniques, microbial inoculants and soil technology currently available. Made from recycled Australian renewable materials, they also support the circular economy in Australia, and have been rigorously tested both in the lab and in some of the world’s most challenging soils and climatic conditions. 

Are you looking to enhance your project outcome, reduce your environmental impact and improve your onsite compliance for your next revegetation project? Use a solution that will shave days off your project timeline and deliver impressive outcomes? If so, speak to one of our friendly specialists today to find out more about our EnviroMatrix ECM and BFM Complete products, or click here for all the product details.  

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