Recognised for industry innovation and outstanding performance, EnviroStraw products have
proven their worth time and time again in the global market.

Our Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM) and Biotic Growth Amendments (BGA) have been winning awards
since 2015, and more recently, our EnviroMatrix ECM won the 2020 IECA (International Erosion
Control Association) award for Excellence in Innovation. These awards acknowledge the
establishment of fast, sustainable revegetation across extremely disturbed sites.


Recognised for delivering exceptional
outcomes across extremely disturbed
construction, road and mine sites
throughout Australia.

Industry-leading products made in and for Australia

EnviroStraw’s award-winning range of products has been delivering outstanding results to disturbed soil up and down the country –
re-establishing grasses and native vegetation where others can’t. Biodegradable, highly water-efficient and able to regenerate even
the most challenging sites, EnviroStraw’s range delivers long-term, self-sustaining solutions.