Biogrowth Program

BioGrowth is the world’s first microbial, carbon regenerative revegetation program purposely created
for sites with depleted soil, and is ideal for use where soil remediation and revegetation is required.

As a uniquely innovative and effective outcome-driven alternative to conventional revegetation practices, BioGrowth assesses
and addresses ecological factors and constraints – mitigating risks commonly associated with revegetation projects.

Holistically building on conventional rehabilitation practices by cost-effectively and systematically revegetating and stabilising
ground on highly disturbed soil, the BioGrowth program prevents erosion and enhances soil health through naturally occurring
biological activity and increased soil fertility.


biogrowth diagram

How it works

The BioGrowth system is a unique program that improves soil health and
vegetative cover – delivering economical and environmental sustainability.

The scientifically designed and rigorously tested products and inputs used in our Australian-designed BioGrowth Regenerative
Revegetation program include hydromulch medias, specific multi-strain bacteria and fungi, controlled release mineral
fertiliser (CRF); and additional biologically and environmentally friendly inputs.
When combined, these inputs help rebuild the soil microbiome and improve soil health, correct soil imbalances, build soil
carbon and glomalin (nature’s glue – that further binds the soil and increases soil aggregation and shear strength), improve
water-holding capacity and recycle nutrients – providing a long-term, self-sustaining outcome.

biogrowth cycle