Case studies

EnviroMatrix works wonders in the Gold Coast hinterland

Lamington National Park Road, O’Reilly’s, QLD

The challenge

To vegetate disturbed soils on eroded roadside batters at a site near O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland. 

Our brief was to provide a long term, self-sustaining outcome that would minimise road closures and ongoing maintenance.

EnviroStraw Case Study Lamington National Park, QLD

The solution

Our team applied EnviroMatrix at a rate of 10 tonnes per hectare to encourage strong, swift vegetation growth. This was in conjunction with EnviroBond at a rate of 400 litres per hectare to provide superior surface soil protection. 

The soil conditioners and fertilisers included are mineral based and non-soluble, eliminating the risk of nutrients leaching and contaminating the environment. 

This combination of products was selected to provide immediate and medium-term soil erosion control that would also allow for effective vegetation establishment and long-term slope stabilisation. 

EnviroStraw Case Study Lamington National Park, QLD

The results

Less than three months after the project began, a successful cover crop had established on the roadside batters with minimal soil erosion. The dryland non-watering program used on this site was designed to protect seeds from insects and climatic conditions until the climatic conditions are favourable for germination.

EnviroStraw Case Study Lamington National Park, QLD