Proven to regenerate native landscapes

Environmental responsibility is a critical consideration in any revegetation project. The EnviroStraw team has
undertaken rigorous scientific research and testing to ensure our product range delivers sustainable, eco-
friendly outcomes.

Our products are proven to enhance the symbiotic relationship between plants and soil in a holistic way,
without chemicals or harmful, artificial inputs. This approach leads to better environmental outcomes, and
long-term benefits for the planet.

Backed by extensive
research and

Environmental responsibility is at
the core of what we do and every
product we develop.

Industry-leading products made in and for Australia

EnviroStraw’s award-winning range of products has been delivering outstanding results to disturbed soil up and down the country –
re-establishing grasses and native vegetation where others can’t. Biodegradable, highly water-efficient and able to regenerate even
the most challenging sites, EnviroStraw’s range delivers long-term, self-sustaining solutions.