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Innovative EnviroBond polymer products setting new industry standards

EnviroStraw specialises in supplying high-quality, independently tested and outcome-focused products to the erosion control industry, and we’re delighted to introduce two new EnviroBond long-term storm-guard polymers for soil stabilisation and dust control.


EnviroBond Green

The same great product as the original EnviroBond, EnviroBond Green has the added benefit of long-term green colouring. EnviroBond Green provides exceptional soil stabilisation properties, with application rates starting at as low as 700 litres per hectare – making it a very economical alternative to other products on the market. EnviroBondGreen is available now in IBCs and 20-litre jugs. Find out more

EnviroBond Grow

Again, this is the same great product as the original EnviroBond, with our advanced, long-term environmentally friendly natural liquid fertiliser and the added benefit of macro and micro-nutrients. This product is optimised for seed germination including native species –  providing a long-term outcome and available now in both IBCs and 20-litre jugs. Find out more

EnviroBond Green application

Why should you use EnviroBond on your next project

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Independently tested.
  • Lower cost, with reduced application rates.
  • Can be applied via water truck.
  • Guaranteed non-harmful to expensive pump seals.
  • Slows overland water-flow, therefore reducing erosion. 
  • Grass seed can be included for vegetation establishment.
  • Native seed friendly.
  • Suitable for all soil types.
  • Forms a 3D honeycomb matrix in the soil, providing increased soil-binding properties.
  • Includes UV stabilisers for increased longevity.
  • Includes flocculants for improved soil penetration.
  • Suitable for dust control in non-traffic areas.
  • Bio-friendly – won’t harm soil microbiology.
  • Improves water-holding capacity of the soil, for improved seed strike and vegetation establishment.
  • Contractors no longer have to buy a soil-stabilising polymer from their competition.

EnviroBond achieved outstanding C-Factor results under extreme tropical rain conditions

  • 125-135mm rain event  C-Factor 0.001
  • 135-145mm rain event  C- Factor 0.01
  • 145-200mm rain event  C-Factor  0.01

EnviroBond reduces and slows water-flow by allowing water to permeate through the polymer membrane into the soil – significantly slowing overland flow and providing increased erosion control.

Jar collection from lab testing demonstrating the reduced water catchment from reduced water runoff. Once the soil was fully hydrated, runoff increased.          

“I’ve never seen a polymer reduce overland flow-rates under rain simulation testing before” –  a lab technician, during independent testing.


To find out how our range of EnviroBond products can help your project, contact us today.

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