Savings for the planet and your pocket

EnviroStraw is committed to cutting the cost of revegetation solutions without compromising on
the final outcome. With a strong history of long-term success in locations across Australia, our
solutions deliver value for money.

Our product range boasts high water use efficiency (WUE) ratings, minimises costs associated with
logistics, transportation and labour during application, and delivers successful outcomes, ultimately
eliminating the need for reworks.

Protecting your
profit margins

WSourced and produced locally,
EnviroStraw products save money
and resources at every stage, from
manufacture to application.

Industry-leading products made in and for Australia

EnviroStraw’s award-winning range of products has been delivering outstanding results to disturbed soil up and down the country –
re-establishing grasses and native vegetation where others can’t. Biodegradable, highly water-efficient and able to regenerate even
the most challenging sites, EnviroStraw’s range delivers long-term, self-sustaining solutions.