Build soil carbon naturally

Carbon is integral to many natural processes on our planet, including growing vegetation, and without
stable soil carbon, plants struggle to grow and thrive. Low-carbon soils are prone to a range of
problems, including poor structure, high sodium, hydrophobicity, erosion, poor
water retention and poor vegetation establishment.

As carbon is lost through decomposition and topsoil erosion, it’s important to have restorative
processes in place. The EnviroStraw’s Biogrowth program draws on the mutually beneficial relationship
between plants and soil to balance and restore soil carbon levels organically.

Stabilise and
restore vegetation

The EnviroStraw approach
addresses the biological, chemical
and physical needs of soil and
vegetation – new and restored.

Industry-leading products made in and for Australia

EnviroStraw’s award-winning range of products has been delivering outstanding results to disturbed soil up and down the country –
re-establishing grasses and native vegetation where others can’t. Biodegradable, highly water-efficient and able to regenerate even
the most challenging sites, EnviroStraw’s range delivers long-term, self-sustaining solutions.