The 2020 industry survey results are in!

A 2020 survey of industry professionals has shown the majority are using imported wood fibre from America – a thermally and mechanically processed hydromulch manufactured in the USA.

In Australia, we have some of the most challenging soil types and climatic conditions in the world – including extreme UV sunlight, tropical storms and highly dispersive low carbon soils, to name but three – and EnviroStraw’s simple range of products has been designed to meet these challenges head-on. For example, the fine fibres that make up the imported wood-fibre product break down quickly under Australia’s high UV climatic conditions in a way EnviroStraw hydromulch products don’t, as the included straw fibre has lignin – its own natural UV-resistant coating, which provides increased functional longevity. 

Every bale includes our purpose-designed suite of beneficial bacteria and fungi, carefully selected in Australia for Australia’s challenging soil types – truly, there’s no other hydromulch like it.

EnviroMatrix ECM/BGA: our hero product – an all-in-one erosion control matrix and biotic growth amendment that simply requires you to add seed.

EnviroStraw HGM: our standard hydromulch.

EnviroStraw BFM: our bonded fibre matrix product that includes binders and tackifiers.

Our product range includes a careful selection of mechanically and thermally processed plant fibres, all sourced from Australian renewable resources including cereal straw, wood fibre and cellulose fibre, with included natural soil conditioners and our purpose-designed suite of microbes.

Developed over eight years, EnviroStraw has worked diligently to ensure our range of hydromulch products meets or exceeds world standards, and there’s no better place than Australia to do this. As Australia has some of the toughest climatic conditions in the world, it forced us to perform the most extensive R&D program Australia has ever seen in terms of hydraulic revegetation products. We knew if we could develop a product in Australia that could mix and spray well whilst withstanding our harsh climate, we could compete on the world stage – and this is exactly what we’ve done. We not only developed products that work, but we also developed programs like BioGrowth – a world-first in microbial revegetation, which rebuilds disturbed soils fast. This means we can not only provide the products to enhance project outcomes – we can also provide the expertise. 

In addition to being a superior product, quality and cost are also a factor, with the price of the imported product being much higher due to having to allow for shipping and customs.  Now more than ever it’s important to buy Australian and help us provide employment to Australians recovering from the devastating economic impact of COVID-19 – plus when the quality’s superior and the cost is cheaper, why would you go elsewhere?


The role of nutrient cycling in balancing soils

At EnviroStraw, we’ve spent many years developing a suite of resilient and beneficial microbes for highly disturbed soils – because when microbes are in synergy with plants, they quickly rebuild damaged soils. These microbes form complex communities that are directly involved in nutrient cycling – the movement and exchange of organic and inorganic matter back into the production of living matter. This process is regulated by the food web pathways that were previously present. These organisms decompose organic matter and release locked up nutrients into organic plant-available nutrients – it’s a cycle.

With nutrient cycling, optimum soil health can be achieved – ensuring sufficient nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and potassium are available to the establishing plants. These play a vital role in keeping soils healthy and productive, are critical in the formation of soil, carbon sequestration, water infiltration and improving the water-holding capacity of the soil, and ultimately are synergistically involved in plant germination and establishment – enhancing survival of the plants long term.