Nambour, QLD

Slope stabilisation

The challenge

The client, Nambour City Council, wanted to stabilise the slopes at a future landfill site in Nambour, Queensland – ensuring erosion was controlled for the 12 months until work begins on the landfill extension. We applied GeoSpray to the site on 3rd of June 2020.

GeoSpray application

Nambour, Queensland

The solution

To stabilise the slopes, our spray-on erosion control product, GeoSpray Original, was applied under the supervision of Hall Contracting. GeoSpray Original was chosen as it allows for water to flow through the GeoSpray membrane – important in ensuring the batter did not slump due to water getting trapped under the GeoSpray liner. By allowing water to penetrate through the GeoSpray membrane we also slow water-flow – minimising the risk of erosion from overland flow.

The results

GeoSpray was applied at a rate that ensured 100% ground coverage – meaning the exposed subsoil was well-covered and thus no further erosion would occur. When dried, GeoSpray forms a hard, breathable and yet flexible erosion-control option, which is more durable and easier to apply than other TRM mats that would be typically used on similar slopes.

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